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Terms of Service

By continuing using the site, you agree with all our Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with them please end up not using this service.

Waxtrades.com is made for users to trade their WaxExpress tradeable items to anything else and to instant sell them for any type of cashoutable balance like PayPal, Bitcoins and many other ways. Waxtrades.com is not affiliated with OPSkins in any way. Their service is just used to make the site work.

If you logged in you agree that Waxtrades.com is working as an agent to trade your items for a fee. You can see the fee rates by going on the front page.

Waxtrades.com has no relation to gambling. Waxtrades.com is made for users to only trade/sell/cashout their items.


You can only use Waxtrades.com if you are 18+ years old.

We are not taking risk and come up for your own actions. All you do is on your on purpose and you have to check everything carefully. The website isn't responsible for any of your actions which can become damages or any other negative consequences for you as a result.

If you attempt editing, scripting or manupulating the site in any way might get you banned without any type of refunds.

Funds from one account can not be transferred to any other account.


Every trade you make is different from each other. If there is left over balance in one trade you will get it credited on your account. How ever we can not always offer items for the left over value.


Our Staff will never add you on Steam or contact you in any other way. Be aware of any type of people that try to steal your items. We would never do anything bad for you.


We do not guarantee to accept any item.

We reserve the right to deny service for any reason.

We do not offer any type of refunds. Every trade is not redoable.

We do take the right to buy your item for a cheap price to list it for a higher price right away.


Waxtrades.com is updating the Terms and Conditions in regular time stamps. It‘s on your own to take action and keep yourself updated.


You can always contact us using our Twitter direct messages or use support site if you have any questions.


Our site may use web cookies to enhance user experience. By using our site you accept the usage of cookies. We will store logs when you use our website. They will be mainly used to prevent abusive usage of our website and will be automatically deleted after 1 month.


We use cookies in order to improve your experience on the site by tracking information like session tokens. All sessions are kept secure on our servers.