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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does trading work?

    1. Select the items out of your inventory you want to trade.

    2. Select the items out of our inventory you want to have.

    3. Hit the Trade Button.

    4. Accept the Trade by typing in the 2FA code.

    5. Done - Enjoy your new items!

  • How can i sell or cash out my items?

    We are adding those features really soon. You get updated about it on our twitter as soon as possible.

  • The site is not working for me.

    1. Try to update your browser to the latest version. Preferable use Google Chrome since this is the most advanced browser at this time. If you have problems with any other browser feel free to let us know!

    2. Make sure that the Wax servers are currently online. You can check here: https://status.wax.io

  • Can i lower the commission for a trade?

    We are always trying to keep our commission as low as possible so you end up enjoying this website.

  • Why is my item not tradeable?

    Some VGO or VIRL items are price manipulated or just not stable enough in the price. You will need to wait for the item to be stable again.

  • Can i get sponsored?

    If you think you have a nice following and you can make our site grow feel free to DM us on Twitter and we can talk about a deal. Please have at least over 7500 Followers.

  • What are the exact values of the commission?

    Default user rake: 100%

    Default site commission: 107% (Bonus: 105%)

    App commission:

    Name User Site
    VGO Default 110.00%
    Gift Cards 95.00% Default
    Digital Games 95.00% Default
    G FUEL 90.00% Default
    Fan Gear Default Default
    Shoes Default Default
    Apparel Default Default
    Electronics Default Default
    Games Default Default
    OPSkins Shopping Spree Card Default Default
    Accessories Default Default

    Item commission:

    Name User Site
    Ceramic Mendini Tray 95.00% 107.00%
    Master Lock Numeric Combination 95.00% 107.00%
    Metal Lighter Holster 95.00% 107.00%
    WAX Key 100.00% 110.00%